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Happy New Year ya Toads!

I hope 2022 was full of many miles with many smiles!

2023 IS HERE!!!!  My name is Billy Cvecko! Growing up I wrote things down in my running log. Recently I saw some of my professional runner friends still to this day jot down their daily workouts and journal about them.  This got me thinking about how I would have been way more organized and motivated to stay on top of my training log if it was FUN! In efforts to make Running and Training a little more Joyous this new year I asked a couple of my buds (Athing Mu, Craig Engels, Justyn Knight, Katelyn Tuohy, Colleen Quigley, Etc) for some help and we put together the Toad’s Running Almanac!! This never before seen combo of Important dates and records like the Farmers Almanac partnered with Q & A’s of world class Athletes, A sticker page, Games and Giveaways like in Sports Illustrated for Kids coupled with weekly and monthly calendars to track your training giving you the Ultimate Book of fun for any runner!

So what do you say! Get your team on track, Take the leap of faith and come chase your dreams with the Toad’s Running Almanac this season!


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